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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  March 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the law. he is accused of having sexual contact with a teenager. that is our big story at 11:00. >> the alleged abuse took place over a six-month period in the officer's home. kai reed has more. >> according to harford county officials, the officer turned himself into investigators this morning. they learned of the alleged abuse two weeks ago. baltimore city police say the suspended officer, kevin rowland, is assigned to the department's violent crime impact section. he lives in harford county, where officials say he turned himself into investigators following a two-week investigation. he is accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl in his home starting last year until earlier this month. the ladies and gentlemened victim was living in the officer's home. she is described as a close family friend. >> we became aware of this incident a couple of weeks ago.
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>> according to the public information officer, the officer is currently suspended with pay and will likely be suspended without pay pending further investigation. >> we will not tolerate any behavior that undermines the behavior of this agency. >> no one came to the door at the officer's home. he is charged with sexual abuse of a minor, fourth degree sexual aoffense and assault. neighbors are disturbed. >> he doesn't look like that type of person. >> disturbing, knowing that i have young kids around, and they walk back and forth to school and things like that, and that he is a police officer. >> the alleged abuse was reporting to police through a required report. rowland is 44 years old and a 10-year veteran with the department. reporting live, kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> also tonight, a pair of updates. baltimore county police have identified the 17-year-old shot and killed yesterday. cobs dobbs was shot and killed during an argument with several teens outside his home. no arrests have been made, but police are interviewing several persons of interest. >> family of a person murdered earlier this week held a vigil. 24-year-old, david mclaughlin, jr. was stabbed outside a shell station. earlier today, police released surveillance photos to track down the person responsible. they believe he and his friends were followed. >> at this point we are asking anybody who may have information in regards to it as far as what went on maybe at the club, whatever altercation that may be, or maybe something that occurred at the gas station parking lot. >> mclaughlin leaves behind a wife and three children. if you have any information at
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all, you are urged to caught police. >> the family of a johns-hopkins undergrad hit while riding his bicycle is suing the family for $10 million. he remains in a coma at johns-hopkins. he was hit last month by 83-year-old gentleman net walk. she has not been charged. the cause of a deadly two-alarm fire in northwest baltimore is still under investigation. flames broke out just before 11:00 in the 4300 block of springdale avenue. the unidentify victim later died. >> police are trying to find out who vandalized the statue of the virgin mary. they say someone knocked over the six-foot statue off the pedestal, breaking off the hand. if you have any information on this vandalism, you are urged
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to call baltimore county police. also tonight, the nation's economic crisis continues to take a hard hit on local school districts. >> it is so bad that school employees in anne arundel county may face layoffs and furloughs. as much as $15 million could be cut from the budget. tim tooten has details. >> school officials say no program is off limits, even though which support the classroom. but they fear the biggest cuts will be made to staff, which make up more than 80% of the operating budget. >> we can't make that kind of a cut without touching people and certainly without touching programs. so we are keeping all options open. we are looking at every department, every program, to see where we comment up with the money if it comes to pass. >> cutting staff members would lead to larger class sizes, and that may not set well with some anne arundel county parents. >> i think it is pretty dangerous right now because you never know where the cuts are
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going to be. right now they don't have many teachers for enough classes anyway. >> for now there may be few options. in a memo from the school superintendent to principal pals and staff members, he warned that flur lows and lay offs were possibilities, and the proposed cuts could start at headquarters before reaching schools and critical programs which affect children. >> i think that we need to all work together to figure out ways that we can support our children in and outside of school. but i think that where there is money, we need to make sure education is not the place we make the cuts. that is our future. >> members of the school board are expected to lead the charge to try and change the minds of the count executive and council. >> the county executive tells us he will increase the education budget this year, but they should not expect pay increases for teachers, administration or staff.
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tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the maryland state education association earlier this evening promised a solution to the pension problem that it says will save $160 million in the first year. the plan calls for raising employee contribution rates from 5% to % over two years, lowering the cost of living adjustment to 2% and then acceptings the governor's proposed increases in retirement ages. the plan would add an anti--spiking system. the o'malley administration is said to be reviewing that plan. >> still led by the u.s., we are one week into the air assault on libya. the mission is described as a humanitarian effort, is being met with mixed reviews. >> many, many libyans are safer today because the international community took action. >> they are now saying this is a humanitarian intervention, which is nonsense.
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if this is not designed to get rid of gaddafi, then this makes no sense at all. >> while the plan still calls for control to be handed offer, more u.s. marines headed into libya today as president obama vowed not to send ground forces. in israel, police are blaming palestinian militants for a bus stop bombing. it killed one woman and 20 injuried. no one has claimed responsibility, but it comes during a surge in violence between israel and hamas. it is the first time jerusalem has been hit by an attack of this nature since 2004. >> by this time tonight you probably heard of the passing of a true hollywood legend. elizabeth floor died in los angeles at the age of 9. >> she has been battling heart failure for years. as stephanie reports tonight, the actress will be remembered for her life on and off the big screen.
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>> with her striking beauty and violet eyes, elizabeth taylor was the epitome of a hollywood icon. >> in some ways she is the last that have classic hollywood studio era star. >> today at her star on the walk of fame, fans paid tribute to the legendary actress. >> taylor first rose to stardom when she was a teenager in "national velvet." >> she went on to star in dozens of films like cat on a hot continue roof and cleopatra. she was nominated for five academy awards and won two. she was the first woman to earn $1 million for a film. off screen, her life was just as dramatic. >> i would say her life story packed more incident, more drama than most of the films that she actually did. >> married eight times to seven different men, husband number six, u.s. senator john warner.
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>> the heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> but it was her romance to richard burton, whom she first married in 1964 and then again in 1975 that created a media frenzy. >> they were trail blazers for the paparazzi. there had never been anything like that. there had never been stars that big, a romance that famous, public and scandalous. >> in 2009 she privately mourned the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in her later years, her work with aids research kept her going. just passing her 79th birthday in february, she was hospitalized for heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, john rossity and grace. stephanopoulos, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a private funeral will be held later.
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we are commemorating her life and career on with photos an an interactive time line. you can vote on your favorite of her many films. >> the death of a 7 month old has prompted the consumer product safety commission to reissue a recall of nearly a million drop-side dribbles. they were recalled months ago when an 8-month old died. a missing safety peg can cause children to get trapped and possibly suffocate. thanks to the disaster in japan, if you haven't goten your hands on an ipad 2 yet, good luck. suppliers have had trouble producing components since the earthquake and tsunami.
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apple is reporting a four to five-week delay. the new ipad is still set to go on sale this coming friday. >> with baseball season around the corner, find out what you won't be seeing at the yard this summer. >> plus, a thirsty thief broke into a liquor store. we will tell you why the store manager is calling the man an idiot. >> your next trips to a liquor store or bar could cost you more if a tax goes through. i am kerry cavanaugh with details. >> it is time to think spring despite some lingering winter weather. where the flakes are still falling. >> as the severe thunderstorms move out of the mid-atlantic, some of those snowflakes could end up around here. check out the chilly forecast check out the chilly forecast coming up.
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>> what an idiot. he is an idiot. >> or maybe not really a rocket scientist either. that is one way to describe a thirsty thief caught on camera. he was caught on camera in a southwest florida liquor store. he decides to grab a $10 case of busch beer. he >> he could have stole cigarette, lottery tickets. he could have stone anything of value. but he took one 18-pack of beer. >> but he has taste, lady. she says she doesn't know the guy's name, but he is a regular in her store. >> in annapolis today, the hold-outs passed a measure to restrict drilling for natural gas in western maryland pending the outcome of an environmental
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study. and governor martin o'malley is trying to reverse a bill. also on top in annapolis, a new alcohol tax. >> supporters see the increase as a fairway to funnel more money into stave coffers. but opponent say it comes at a terrible time for local businesses. kerry cavanaugh is live in the news room. she has details for us. >> maryland has not raised the tax on liquor in more than half a century. bare in mind that taxes haven't been touched since 1972. some say it is time to squeeze more money out of alcohol sales, but some believe it will dry up sales and hurt bars and restaurants. >> steve young takes care of the happy hour crowd at this public. he has been in the hospitality industry over two decades, and he said his business rode out the recession and after-math relatively well.
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>> when the economy is bad, they want to drawn soros. >> but he is concerned about the impact of a promised alcohol tax. the legislation would raise maryland's tax rate on beer, liquor and win from 6% to 7% to 2012, to 8% the next year up to 9% for 2014 and beyond. >> when people look at it like that, it is going to stair them off. we are not talking about a mass exodus away from the restaurant business, but we are talking about a bit of a repulsion from going out. that is about going to hurt the economy because these people are what need to be done. >> it tax hurt liquor sales by 8% and other sales by 3%. some say it is worth of long-term gain for the catch-strapped state, starting with $90 million in revenue.
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>> you have to look at it long-term and short term. the fact it is fazed in, that strategy is to mitigate any type of drastic changes. >> the money generated would go to the transportation trust fund, not health care funds as previously proposed. are >> we understand it will not be earmarked as we originally understood, but we hope this use the money for health care needs. >> young said he is all for funneling more money for needs, but not on his customers' taps. >> if the hike foes through, the come patrolers office estimates it would have to spend $200,000 to upgrade its computer system. >> speaking of adult beverages, maryland's wineries may be able
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to ship their wine in and out of state. that will be debated in the senate tomorrow. the house debated the budget bill well into the night. republicans and conservative democrats are calling for more cuts. the house bill contains no tax hikes. a final vote is expected by the end of the week. the bill then heads to the senate, where a number of tax increases are under discussion. >> winter may not be done just yet while the calendar says spring. scenes in busy mark, north dakota say winter. folks spent the day digging out from eight inches of snow. crews were called out to clear out that spring snow. as that system pushed its way east, some spring snow fell in parts of western pennsylvania, quite a good portion. as far south as our area, we are seeing the effects of that
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large system. >> well, some big showers and thunderstorms rolled through our area. thankfully the cool stable air around here prevented anything from getting out of control. you can see the line of storms from eastern new jersey to virginia and north carolina. keep an eye on the activity to the west of us. it is likely to move in here during the morning and afternoon tomorrow. we may not be completely done just yet as the ohio valley rain and snow showers head our way. precipitation today, in some spots impressive during a few hours in the late afternoon and early evening. about a third of an inch in downtown baltimore. our temperatures were well below norm amount we have had about a quarter inch of rain at b.w.i. marshall. in pennsylvania with another decent snow, you see that dark blew to pink shaded area in the
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poconos, they are talking about a foot of snow still on the ground and a couple of feet of snow up into new england. the storm that gave us some rain today added to that snow cover to the north. you can see why. it is only 30 in scranton, pennsylvania, 43 at b.w.i. marshall, and 53 in charlottesville and into richmond. the cooler air is coming in behind the showers and thunderstorms. temperatures will continue to fall, which means any left over muste our could change to snow showers, especially north of baltimore. don't be surprised if you wake up tomorrow morning and there is wet snow coming in out of the north. doesn't look like it is going to be a major problem. the ground is certainly warm, but snow showers may be in the air for the start of the day tomorrow. with mostly cloudy skies and a north breeze, temperatures chilly, 36-43. the low pressure center in the atlantic pulling away.
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this one is kicking up rain and snow showers. that will swing through tomorrow afternoon. then high pressure chops in and brings us a clearing sky tomorrow ninth. we are anticipating sunshine friday but chilly. the west coast storm is going to move rapidly and may bring more messy weather here over the weekend. showers tomorrow afternoon, clearing tomorrow night, here comes the next system spreading rain and again some late-season snow across parts of the mountains saturday night. that could move into baltimore sunday. we are not done with wintry weather next. a mix in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon. gusts of 25 knots and waves to three feet. snow showers in the mountains tomorrow. it is going to be tough to get out of the mid 30's around deep creek lake. around the basin, 46, and then the sun comes out. the lower eastern shore may get
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close to 50. even colder on friday. 26 in the morning with highs in the low 40's. then the next batch of rain or snow saturday night into sunday. temperatures below normal into the middle of next week. >> new food and less ivy for fans at camden yards. a plant disease attacked the ivy behind the center field wall, forcing grounds keepers to remove most of it. rob roblin tasted the new feed take today. you can watch him eat his way through the baltimore park on >> a plant disease destroyed the ivy, but nothing stops rob roblin. the orioles test they're bats. see if the ose look ready for next week's opening day.
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>> nine days out from opening day, and the orioles can feel a measure of relief. they do not have to face pitcher francisco liriano. he struck out nine orioles in his three innings of work tonight. brian roberts at the plate and no match. roberts loses the tibetan the bat. adam jones got the only run off liriano in the first three innings. ignition and lift-off for a solo home run to center field. that cut into the twins' 4-0
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lead, making it 4-1 in the third. vlade guerrero had a homer later in the game, but not against liriano. say this for guerrero. he has a healthy strike zone. when he misses, it is ugly, and he will miss. fox, no match. the lefty just too much as the twins take down the orioles tonight. 5-2 the final. on friday night, the blast go after their second title in the last three years when they face the milwaukee wave. at first mariner rinne. pat morris, defender of the year, danny kelly coach of the year. they want to finish as team of the year, but that comes down to scoring, not voting. >> coach of the year means you have had team of the year. with sagu in goal, morse as a defender and the whole team. they have done a tremendous job all year. we had two goals. one was to finish first in the
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regular season and secure the championship game. our second goal is in front of us, to win the championship game. >> when kaleb teams make the sweet 16. earlier this month, b.y.u. suspended kyle davies -- wran davies. today they asked florida's chandler parson's how many people the gators would have left if they had the same school rules as b.y.u. classic response. [laughter] >> oh, man. rules are rules. he knew what he was doing. it is something that we can't worry about really because he is not playing in the game tomorrow. it is really none of my business. that's it. >> official translation,
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hamana-hamana. how's that for a segue. tiger woods has had more swing coaches than wins in the last year and a half. tiger launched his new golf swing ap. it let's golfers capture video of their swing and compare it to tiger's. if you model wood's swing perfectly, you have a pretty good chance you won't win a tournament for the next 18 months either.
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>> winter is trying get something into the vocabulary. >> it won't leave. >> it won't leave. >> it won't retire. more rain and snow tomorrow morning. a little sun in the afternoon. lots of sunshine but still chilly on friday. another storm arrives saturday night into sunday and that brings us a mixed bag of rain and snow. sunday's high may struggle to get to 40. we get into the upper 40's monday and then another storm arrives around tuesday. all through the next seven days, temperatures are below normal. by the time baseball gets here, then spring will come. >> it better be. >> that is why we call it alderman winter. think -- old man wirnt. it won't go away. >> it is mother nature, but old
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